Moose restaurant lets vegetables shine

Moose restaurant lets vegetables shine

Tucked away on a quiet street behind the bustling Denneweg in The Hague, the recently opened Moose Restaurant showcases a gorgeous menu where vegetables take centre stage.

This cosy eatery, the brainchild of Thom Bos and Brazilian chef Giovanni Cristofoli, offers a menu that highlights seasonal and wood-fired vegetables in the most delightful way.

When Thom and Chef Giovanni, who knew each other from Groningen, reunited again after a move to The Hague, they decided it was the perfect opportunity to combine their shared culinary passion and vision of the limitless potential with vegetables.

Pickled and grilled vegetables as nibbles with our aperitifs

Forgotten vegetables

To kick-off a series of dinners marking our 20th anniversary of friendship this year, my friends and I started our culinary evening with a few plates of nibbles. With our apéritifs, we ordered all the food options from the drinks menu, creating a colourful décor on our table. Pickled tulip bulbs, grilled artichokes, pickled purple carrots infused with different herbs – each piece of perfectly prepared vegetable was exquisitely delectable.

Addictive Jerusalem artichoke chips!

The Jerusalem artichoke chips were incredibly addictive; they were crunchy and salty…I could’ve eaten a whole bag of those! Finally, the baked potatoes covered with melted Oud Rotterdam, a mature full-flavoured cheese, were so lovely - the dish inspired me for my next potato dinner.

Potatoes with Oud Rotterdam mature grilled cheese. Simply delicious.

A menu packed with flavours

Thom explained Moose’s menu concept, allowing diners to choose their courses in any order they please, with no specific appetizers or mains.

White asparagus, with almond and elderflower foam

My first dish, white asparagus, arrived on a bed of pearl couscous, nestled in an almond and elderflower foam. For those familiar with white asparagus, you know it often lacks bold flavours. However, the way Chef Giovanni prepared it, was quite the revelation. The almond and elderflower flavours blended perfectly with the asparagus. The texture of the slightly chewy pearl couscous, the soft asparagus and the crunch of the almond flakes made the whole dish extra interesting.

Neck of lamb, with spätzle, carrotsm peas and wild garlic sauce

Next up was the roasted neck of lamb, accompanied with spätzle, carrots, peas and a wild garlic sauce. The vegetables really came through on this dish, so much so that the lamb almost played a supporting role. The wild garlic sauce was the perfect match, adding an extra layer of deliciousness to the dish.

Decadent desserts

For dessert, we couldn’t resist ordering all three options from the menu:

Seaberry cake with brown butter gelato
In case you’re wondering, seaberries, also known as sea buckthorn berries are a tart and slightly sweet fruit packed with health benefits. Unfortunately, I was too late to snap a photo of the dish! But the brown butter gelato that was served with the cake was absolutely divine. The ice cream was so rich and creamy that it balanced out the fruity flavours of the seaberry cake really well.

Luxurious chocolate cremeux and strawberries

Chocolate cremeux with strawberries
This incredibly silky chocolate dessert had such a luxurious feel to it. The sweet summer strawberries cut through the deep chocolate flavours, the perfect combination for a dessert.

Cheese lover's platter

The cheese platter
Moose’s cheese platter is a must-try for any cheese lover.  All locally sourced, each piece of cheese paired so well with a sip of tawny port. The selection included:

A two-year ripened mature Gouda;

A Bastiaan blue cheese from Brabant;

A goat "bunker" cheese (apparently produced in a bunker);

A piquant sheep’s cheese;

And finally the Le Petit Doruvael, a deliciously creamy cheese and very soft in taste.

A vegetable celebration

I find Moose's concept exciting. Thom and chef Giovanni celebrates vegetables in a way that’s both comforting and innovative. In a world of turmoil, it’s reassuring to know what the earth can offer us, and Moose showcases this beautifully.

Moose Restaurant
Kazernestraat 62
2514CV The Hague
The Netherlands