My name is Nathalie Komar, communications professional by day and food blogger and food photographer by night. I'm based in The Hague, the Netherlands and it all started when I began to post photos of food on Instagram in May 2018.

I was born in Amsterdam, but I grew up in Indonesia and Singapore and spent most of my childhood there. Having Indonesian parents, and having lived in Singapore, food was always the centre of all conversations in my family. When I was a child, every morning my parents would ask my sister and I, "What would you like to eat for dinner tonight?"

On the weekends we would often go out for family dinners. Depending on the occasion, we would eat at hawker (food) stalls, local seafood restaurants by the beach and fancy Cantonese and Szechuan restaurants.

From Singapore laksa to Dutch cheese sandwiches

When I moved back to the Netherlands in 1989, I really missed Singapore food. Back then, there weren't many Asian restaurants around in the Netherlands apart from Chinese-Indonesian restaurants.

Singapore Laksa, at Jangut Laksa, Queensway Shopping Centre in Singapore (2018)

In recent years, the popularity of Asian food has exploded  in the Netherlands. Nowadays, not only can you find restaurants serving Chinese Cantonese food, but you'll now also find Szechuan and Xi'An food places. Japanese ramen, yakitori and izakaya restaurants have been rapidly popping up in the bigger cities. The recent rise in popularity of the famous Korean Fried Chicken has truly exploded. It makes me truly happy to see such a large variety of Asian food represented all over country!

Tsukemen at Nikkou Ramen in Delft

And around the city where I live, in The Hague, Indonesian restaurants and take-away shops not only serve popular dishes such as rendang and gado-gado, but more and more owners proudly serve the dishes they grew up with from their hometown. Now you can find pempek-pempek (fish cake) and nasi padang (small dishes) from Sumatera. Other specialised restaurants have popped up, for example establishments specialising in vegetarian Indonesian food or the popular satay.

Pempek-pempek (fish cake) at Trio Eethuis in The Hague

What is my food blog about?

So my food blog is about finding the best of the best food dishes from different cuisines, from comfort and street food, to high-end dining. I love Italian pasta dishes, as much as a juicy double-bacon cheeseburger. But since my love for Asia will always be there, I will always be on the look out for the best Asian food, especially Asian Street Food!

On this blog you will find my food reviews based on restaurants in the The Hague or Rotterdam areas, but I will make the occasional trip to Amsterdam and other cities around the Netherlands. All my travels will ofcourse feature food reviews and delicious photos and videos too!

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Shout Outs

I'd like to give a big shout out to my graphic designer Chris Ayers who created my logo. Alot of thought was put into it to capture my love for food and my roots.

The talented photographer José Chan who took this photo of me while we were having dim sum for lunch.

I want to thank my friend Robert Tucker from the bottom of my heart who made it possible for me to start this food blog.

Finally, a special thank you goes out to my sister Stefanie who has been my biggest supporter and critic at the same time, thank you for keeping me straight :)