Nat Komar

Soto Ayam Feeds the Soul

Whenever I roast a chicken for dinner, I use the leftovers of the chicken to make Soto Ayam for the next day, or Indonesian chicken soup. It's a family favourite and delicious to eat any day of the year. This Indonesian popular dish can be found all across Indonesia, but

Nat Komar

Indo Food Tour offers food, family stories and a beautiful city tour

When good people and good food come together, one thing is for certain: food becomes the main topic of conversation. Such was the case at the Indo Food Tours which Helena @eating_habits_nl and I have been organising in The Hague. What started as a joke, ended up as

Nat Komar

Indo Food Tour The Hague: Saturday 29 August and 12 September 2020

Come join us on the very first and exclusive Indo Food Tour of the Netherlands! Together with six other adventurous foodies, you will join Nathalie Komar (@komareats) and Helena Smit (@eating_habits_NL) and visit the most delicious Indo food spots in The Hague. The Hague and Indo foodWhy are