Beating the Summer Heat with Babaque's Cold Udon Salad

Beating the Summer Heat with Babaque's Cold Udon Salad

I saw a post of a delicious summer salad on my daily feed from Babaque Japanese Restaurant, and all of a sudden I found myself driving to said restaurant.

The cold udon salad was new on Babaque's menu and it's so deliciously refreshing, especially during these hot days of summer.

Cold Udon Summer Salad - Chicken side
Cold Udon Summer Salad - Paprika side

It’s a fresh fusion of lettuce, paprika, hearty diced chicken on a bed of perfectly cooked udon, and drizzled with a lovely sesame dressing. The crunchy shrimp tempura is optional but I added it as a treat.

I love cold noodle dishes and this udon noodle salad is now definitely part of my favourite summer dishes list. And I also love the chef’s creativity and innovative ideas, always coming up with new dishes every single time I visit.

Strawberry and red bean paste mochi

To top off my lunch experience, for dessert, I had this beautiful strawberry mochi. The mochi had the perfect level of chewiness. The fresh sweet strawberry, firmly tucked in the mochi was enveloped by a layer of red bean paste. A bite into the accompanying slightly bitter matcha chocolate perfectly balanced the sweetness of the mochi, creating a harmony of flavours on my palate.

Babaque Japanese Restaurant
Laan van Meerdervoort 13 A
Den Haag, the Netherlands